Monday, July 26, 2010

Clear Sky Chart

Last night I emailed Attila Danko who puts together Clear Sky Charts.  Very cool mashup of weather data that gives amateur astronomers a "darkness" forecast for currently 3998 sites.  He graciously added Ghost Ranch, New Mexico to the mix.  So now he has 3999 sites covered :)  Scroll all the way to the bottom to see the current conditions here.

Earlier this evening there was a break in the clouds - enough to see Scorpio to the south gliding above Pedernal (Georgia O'Keefe's mountain).  The nearly full moon was washing out the milky way but once the moon is gone it should be spectacular.  To the North it was dark dark.  I've never really observed from a place with a truly dark Northern horizon so it should be fun.  Perhaps get some flashy circumpolar shots against the cliffs.

With the moon my only target I did take a few shots of the moon through the clouds.  If anything comes of it I'll post it tomorrow.

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