Saturday, July 24, 2010


This year I was was hoping to go with my astro-pals (aka Axe Men - don't ask, I won't explain) to a dark sky observing site for a few nights of glorious skies.  And every summer our family travels to north-central New Mexico for 2 weeks of vacation.  And yes, the dates overlapped.   Depressed.

Kind of like when the cafeteria at work has two dishes I really like on the same day after weeks of less appetizing fare.  Well like that but orders of magnitudes worse.

Of course the family vacation is going to happen (and I love that time) but I realized that if I could somehow get some astro equipment to New Mexico I could attend the astronomy event, well virtually, or in spirit or whatever.

I have always had an interest in astrophotography ... hmmm, maybe I could pull together (aka buy new gear) and ship it on ahead.  All without any real experience in astrophotography (though I am a complete camera hack).  All decided about 8 weeks till departure.

Some ideas seem so beautiful, so crisp, so perfect at the time.   Thus began the journey of the previous 2 months or so.   We leave tomorrow morning.  Follow along if you wish.

My hair shirt is packed.

This account is dedicated to the Axe-Men.  With you dudes!  All Hail the Axe.

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