Saturday, July 24, 2010


I fussed for quite a while on how to get all this stuff to New Mexico.  We would have enough weight allowance on Southwest to get it there via checked baggage.  But that would mean two extra big bags to lug around the airport.  As it is we already have 2 large checked roller bags and each of the 4 of us have a sizable carry on.  Mine is camera gear.  Kimi has all the useful stuff.  The girls have their school bags filled with toys, books, coloring stuff and snacks.

In the end I bought a mini-wardrobe box at the hardware store.  24'x24'x42" Three main bags (and some last minute stuff-ins).  Then a whole lot of pillow bags and bubble wrap.  Strapped in tight.  Nice and secure.   Here is our final farewell.

UPS ground - air was too expensive after insuring.  Should arrive the day after we do.  Fingers crossed.  I keep tracking the number in the title of this post ... it's halfway there ...

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