Friday, August 13, 2010

The Abscence of Color

It would appear the imagers job is never done.  All images are a "work in progress".   You just know you can add some more data ... process a little more ... learn some secret dark art that will make the image pop.  I'm not immune.

Friend(s): "So!  Did you get any pictures of the sky?"

Me: "Ah, yeah, a few.  But there were clouds ... had one good night ... will take me a while to process them"

Friends(s):  (losing interest quickly) "oh, ok ... let me see something when they are done then".

What they don't realize is they will *never* be done!   sigh.  So in order to combat this illusion of progress through motion I will post up what is likely the only good image from the trip ... in B&W.  I gray-scaled the image because I am having a nasty time trying to get the colors figured out.  All RBG debayering channel sensitivity hoo-ha.  Really starting to get me PO'd.

M31, M32, M110  (Andromeda galaxy and companion elliptical galaxies)

Canon T2i, 200mm EF-L @ f2.8
Astrotrak Travel System mount
87 60sec exposures @ ISO3200  (taken over two evenings)
64 darks,  21 flats (1/5" ISO 100) 21 flatdarks (still not sure about needing these)
preprocessed in Nebulosity
post processed PS4

Color will follow when/if I get that figured out.  Just hate throwing away all *that* data.

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