Saturday, September 11, 2010

M31 redux

I was looking back at all the pictures from the New Mexico trip and realized I had yet to reprocess the image of M31.  Way back a whole month ago I was wrestling with color balance issues.  I just decided to do all the processing in Nebulosity and deal with the color later in Photoshop.  I spent a couple hours this morning doing just that.

Reprocessed M31 - now with no green cast!  click to flickr
This is a center crop from the T2i frame, the full frame can be seen here.  I'm pleased how much more visible the starclouds and dark lanes are.  On some rainy day I just might see if I can find any extragalactic globular clusters and annotate them here.  Pretty cool for a 200mm lens.


  1. I love the dark lanes, and pin point stars.
    That T2i is really working for you. Something to said for "one shot" color, if you can get results like this out of the box :-)

  2. Thanks James! Yeah, who knew? Despite many limitations a DSLR for astrophotography can give some great results. And I have a great camera and lenses for Gigapanning too! Now that is something the CCD folks just can't do :)